11 Sweet Years of Joomla!

Zoran Filipović

I use Joomla! for creating my web site and I find Joomla! is elegant, intuitive, powerfull tools for creating multilingual sites! Now i know - Joomla! is the best! The Joy of Web!

Toufiqur Raham

Happy Birthday joomla. When I start learn web design then start my project via joomla content management system. Till now i working on joomla cms. Joomla is Rocks. I Love Joomla

Anja de Crom

'A friend of mine has just built a beautiful website, using Joomla,' my partner said. 'And if she can do this, you certainly can.' I had never heard of Joomla. Come to think of it, I had never even worked with a content management system. Even worse: I hadn't built a website in years. So everything had gotten a bit rusty. When I decided to give Joomla a go, I soon discovered the power of the community.

Understanding Joomla was kind of hard in the beginning, but I learned. I learned a lot. I got better. And found out there's always more to learn. So I joined a user group. The first couple of meetings I was kind of a sponge, soaking in all this knowledge everybody brought. I became coordinator of this group. And after a while I discovered I actually knew something somebody else didn't. After giving a few presentations (user group and Joomla Days) and workshops, translating Joomla Documentation and writing articles for the Dutch Joomla Magazine I now know for sure: giving back to the community makes you feel its power even more.

I've come a long way, from building my first hobby website to being a webdesigner by profession. Joomla has changed my life. It's not just a content management system, it's a community effort, carried out by people all over the world, working together to make the best of it. That's why I love to use Joomla.

Frank Delventhal

2006 when I had to choose a content management system of my future. Before I programmed in comparision to Joomla! rudamentary CMSs myself, but was overwelmed by the amount of work. It takes constant effort to keep a system up to date through browser changes, hardware changes, php, mysql version changes etc.

I wanted an Open Source CMS that was a living, breathing and growing community, so I could change things I wanted on my own and the burden of maintaining a good  source code was put on several shoulders and not just one. A little bit like democracy - you can vote and engage yourself so the future will be brighter for all.

So I decided to install all different CMSs I could lay my hands on ... the winner by far was Joomla! I loved it right away - that love remains today.

When I went to my first community event I was hooked also on the lovely people.

So intimidated by all the gurus I still brought up enough courage to go to my first jandbeyond ... what a mind blowing experiance. Joomla! is certainly a great CMS but the people behind the scenes are evern greater, the spirit one can encounter here is unmatched.  It is a cliche but the vibe there was so good that I decided to do more than "just" make my living out of planing, creating, deploing and administering Joomla! Websites. So I try to do at least some Joomla! sessions myself to give some knowledge back, that I so freely received.

So I just want to thank all the contributors to this fantastic project, no matter if it is translation, code, patches, api, articles, sessions at events, templates ... 
THANK YOU and a big HUG to all of you. You made my live easier, more enjoyable, I can make a living for my family give other people work, so they can feed their families too.



Hervé Boinnard

... and thank you to all the volunteers for making it happen, every day, "all together as a whole" !
It is easy for me to remember Joomla birthday(s) and mine. Also August and September are my best time, main life events are there! I am so glad to share and learn with this great #jcommunity on different channels, and I am looking forward to meet more #jfriends in real life at #jevents and extend the #jfamily for the years to come!


Happy Birthday Joomla!
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