Tristan Bailey

While working as a freelance web developer three years ago I was offered a big project in Joomla. Having worked a little bit with in the past and after 11 years as a developer I though sure, its a good platform for the job, I'll go for it. So after diving in and consuming every Joomla YouTube, blog, wiki document I could to learn all the code code I needed while building this big site I was able to do the job, building custom components and api.

The thing that let me complete the job though was along the way finding all the Joomla community members along the way over twitter, joomla forum, google+ and going to JandBeyond, a couple of JUGs, and one of the German JoomlaDays. Familar faces kept popping up and being able to ask them for advice and hear what they were doing lead me to make more friends and start helping on the project. 

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

Big happy birthday to Joomla!

Its been 10 years and many more to come - cant wait to see the future coming :)

Web Foundry

For Web Foundry, it all started in 2007 with the search for a great CMS. We were all set to create our own but then we found Joomla. It had all the features and functionalities we needed and more. Web Foundry fell in love with Joomla and adopted it, powering all the projects we do and promoting it whenever we can. For us, Joomla is way more than software, it is like a friend sitting next to us at work, providing all its skills and reliability to our project. Joomla, you’re already ten years young today, but there's no doubt you'll keep inspiring the business world for many years to come!

So, Joomla, from all our multicultural team:

Happy birthday, Joyeux anniversaire, Wszystkiego najlepszego, днём нараджэння, Su gimtadieniu, La mulţi ani !

Claudio Alfonso

Obrigado a todoa comunidade pela colaboração, pelo empenho, pelo trabalho duro que criou esta fantástica ferramenta que serve de base para o trabalho de milhares de empresas e profissionais no mundo todo. Parabéns Joomla! Parabés comunidade brasileira!

Sigrid Suski

Joomla! is now 10 years. And for 10 years it effects my life. Through the participation in various national and international Joomla! events around the world, I have met many amazing people who share the same passion with me. Joomla is not only a CMS, with its huge community Joomla! is an enrichment for everyone.

Happy Birthday Joomla - on the next 10 years!!